Farmer Book Club: The Farmer Book Of Nightmares

Hereís the Farmer Book of Nightmares.

Also published as Diseases and Pests of Vegetable Crops in Canada by The Canadian Phytopathological Society.

500+ pages of suspense and vegetable gore.

This book is broken down by a series of crops/crop families and their diseases + pests.

Each disease/pest section explains its symptoms, disease cycle/life history, and management practices.

You can look to the management practices section of that disease to see if crop rotation should be part of your prevention/harm reduction toolkit.

This is a heavy book – and I donít mean because of all the sleep it will make you lose – it weighs over 4lbs (1.8kg).

But you can cut down on that weight dramatically by heading over to The Canadian Phytopathological Society. Theyíve got a free digital copy!

Now what terror do you want to explore first?

p.s. Donít let the Canada in the title fool you. Everything in this book can likely happen on your farm!

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