As Patient As A Bean In A Bin

As patient as a bean in a bin.

These are the beans that have not yet been picked. 

These are the beans that are left once the seed crew went through and hand picked out all the bad beans – the splits, the moldies, the germinated, the stones that are not beans, the occasional pea – all the beans that you don’t want to find in a seed pack.

Now these beans are waiting for a turn in the freezer. 

A few chilly days to get rid of any weevils that might be hanging around.

?? ?? ?? ?? ??

There had been a long line up of beans for our small freezer. But that all ended this week.

This week, outdoor temperatures have dropped dramatically.

All the beans are now on a pallet in the uninsulated barn where they can enjoy a nice cleansing freeze.

They’ll be back in the seed shack next week for a germ test and seed packing.

As patient as a bean in a bin.

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