Tourne-Sol – This is where I farm

Heres a little about Tourne-Sol co-operative farm where I farm

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Were in Les Cdres,Qubec (thats in Canada)

Tourne-Sol is a play on the French tournesol which means sunflower. The play on words is that it also means turn the soil.

photo: Sharif Mirshak, Parafilms


The farm runs as a workers coop (Im one of the founding members)

In 2005 we were 5 coop members. Now we have 7 coop members + 12 non coop members 

Non coop members can become members over time


We grow

????  7 acres of organic vegetables

????  1 acre of organic seeds

????  4+ acres in full year cover crops in our rotation cycle

????  There are also a lot of flowers in our fields


In 2005, we had 110 CSA members and 2 farmers markets. Now, weve phased out markets and have 500 weekly CSA baskets

In 2005, seed sales were $700. These days we sell more seeds than vegetables – we have an online seed store and seed racks in 150+ stores


This is what the farm looks like now, it is ever changing

My next free online workshop is on Thursday December 16 at 2pm Eastern

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  1. Great progression! Apart from all you mentioned, Tourne-sol contributed to the growth and success of a whole bunch of farms. Keep it up! Lâchez pas la patate 😃🙌

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