Farmer Book Club: Small-Scale Organic Seed Production

This monthís Farmer Book Club posts are going to focus on managing your seed inventory.

Iím going to start by sending you over to the Farm Folk City Folks website to download Small-Scale Organic Seed Production by Patrick Steiner. (Itís a free PDF)

Then you can head to Chapter 4 – Seed Storage. You can either read the chapter on how to manage humidity and temperature to store your seeds. Or simply consult the table with the longevity of seeds in ideal storage.

This is an easy way to estimate how long your seeds might last.  (Just remember that any seed you buy may already be a couple of years old.)

While youíve got the book open, you can also head over to Chapter 3 – Seed Yields. This is one of the few resources I know that has so much seed yield information. This is vital information when youíre doing any crop planning for seed crops.

This is one of my favourite seed books. Patrick Steiner distilled years of his own seed growing experience at Stellar Seeds into this book as well as the experience of many other top notch growers.

I love the practical information like the tables in Chapters 3 and 4. 

But this is also the closest thing to a handbook for commercial seed production that I know about. 

If youíre thinking about growing seed crops for sale, this book is for you!If you’re just curious to know a bit more about how growing seed works, this book is for you!

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