The stories a seed lot can tell.

The stories a seed lot can tell.

These are the lot numbers on the back of our seed packs.

All of these seeds were packed to sell in 2021.

The seeds in the packs on the right were grown in 2020.

 I can tell this by the TS20 in the lot number. 

  • TS means the seeds come from our farm.
  • 20 means they were grown in 2020. 
  • The 037 and 018 means that they were the 37th and 18th lot of that year.

And so the two packs on the left were grown in 2019.

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But just because the seed on the left was grown 2 seasons ago, it doesn’t mean they won’t perform as well as the 2020 seed.

We test the germination of all our lots before we pack any seeds.

But it does mean that it might not store for as many years as the seed from 2020.

Which is why we label that the seed is for 2021!

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You can find similar stories in the lot numbers from other seed companies too!

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