Those Seeds That Seem To Store Forever

And then thereís those seeds that seem to store forever.

Iím thinking specifically of those that we stored in rubbermaids in a closet in our apartment before we moved the seed office to the farm.

We didnít have much sophistication in our  temperature control systems – blinds on the windows and a couple of fans. Far from ideal seed storage conditions during summer heat waves.

I was always a bit stressed out when we would run germination tests to see if the seeds had made it through another year.

And you know what, more often than not they were still pretty good.

In fact,  we had tomato seed lots that lasted 9+ years in those conditions with over 90% germination rates.

Seeds are pretty amazing little things packed with life that wants to live.

p.s. Iím very grateful these days for our seed room equipped with an AC.

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