Another way to store seed is in a squash

Another way to store seed is in a squash

3 important considerations

1??† Iím obviously not saying to put seed in a squash for better storage. The insides of fresh squash are pretty moist environments and generally horrible as seed storage containers.† But if you havenít extracted your squash seed yet, no big problem. It actually keeps getting better the longer it stays in the squash.

2??† Make sure you grew your squash isolated from other squash of the same species. Otherwise you will get a surprise. Crossers gonna cross!

3??† Check your squash regularly to see if theyíre starting to go bad. Rotten gross squash is not great for seed or kitchen cupboards. If you consistently save seed from the longest storing squash you should ultimately get longer storing squash.

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  1. Merry Christmas Dan!
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your blog this year, and appreciate the dedication to spreading your vast knowledge of farming and seed saving to the world for FREE! Keep up the great work and hope the family is healthy and thriving even in these difficult times.

    1. Hey Eric,

      It makes me happy that you’re getting joy from these blog posts. Look forward to catching up one of these days. Maybe we’ll have farm BBQs again this summer!


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