A Sunflower To Start The Year ????

Iím going to start 2022 with this picture of my favourite sunflower and a bird feeder.

A sunflower that sprouted from a seed that made it out of the bird feeder and past the juncos and chickadees and squirrels and blue jays.

My favourite sunflower might not look like much right now. 

But I have been watching it from little cotyledons prouting on the edge of the lawn to tall branches to endless blooms to a leafless perch beside a bird feeder.

And at every moment of this journey, this sunflower has been a constant reminder of the unknown blessings that come our way.

That all it took was one escaped seed that was never intended to be planted or watched.

Maybe next yearís favourite sunflower will come from a similar place. 

Or maybe it will come from the seeds I saved last fall. 

Or maybe it will come from a seed packet. 

Or maybe it will be in someone elseís garden on a morning walk.

All I know is that there will be more favourite sunflowers.

Thatís the way of seeds.

I wish you all the best for 2022 and so many favourite sunflowers.

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