FSA Tip #47 How to import your products into Shopify

How do you create products in your online farm store?

Letís say you wanted to add 60 new products in your store.

Do you add them one by one?

Clicking away and typing. Spending long sessions on the computer to get everything in your system. Not necessarily sure what youíve already entered?

Or do you import them with a CSV file?

60 products in one spreadsheet and you press import and boop, the job is done!

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CSV files are my favourite.

Though they come with their own frustrations. Ecommerce CSA files have dozens and dozens of confusing columns that can drive you up the wall.

Hereís a spreadsheet I put together to make importing products into your Shopify store easier.

Iím going to put out similar guides for a few other platforms over the coming weeks.

Hereís the spreadsheet for this tip.

Here we go …

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