Do you hate spilling the beans?

Donít you hate it when you spill the beans?

Especially when youíve just finished setting up for your CSA pickup?

Perhaps a flash of anger as you envision all the picking that went into that. A bit of worry about whether youíve got enough beans left to last all dropoff. Some frustration that you overloaded the bins and they collapsed.

You breathe deeply to ground yourself and exhale all that air and ruffle your hair then you load the dirty beans into a compost bin.

And itís time to move to the next thing because CSA starts in 5 minutes and thereís already a line up.

???? ???? ???? ???? ????

There are so many things to spill on a farm!

Physically as well as digitally.

(This is my transition to talking about online stores.)

On Thursday Iím going to talk about some basic things you want to look for in an ecommerce platform to avoid spilling the digital beans. Thatís in the Move Your Farm Store Online workshop.

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I hate spilling the beans. Or the salad greens. Or the blueberries.

My next free online workshop is on Thursday January 6 at 2pm Eastern

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