Seeds, spreadsheets, and farm quality of life

Seeds, spreadsheets, and farm quality of life are a few of my favourite things.

Iím serious.

Seeds – those dense little packets of genetic information and potential that carry stories and communities over millennia – I love all the things that they grow into, I love the way they feel when you harvest, I love dreaming about what they will turn into.

And spreadsheets – those rows and columns that you can use to organise all your seeds and other farm stuff, that let you bring some structure to a wild world – these are what I get up for in the morning.† My early morning refuge when everyone is sleeping and there is no distraction. The canvas for my farm musings.

And farm quality of life – that little thing that gets squished between $ per bedfeet and $ per hour as we try to finish every to do list ever – itís the secret underpinning of most of my farm writing and management. To bring clarity to what is important on your farm so you donít get caught in the grind.

And these are the 3 things I spoke with Jesse Frost about on yesterdayís episode of the No-Till Growers podcast.

Go and give it a listen

(This is actually a rotating podcast playlist I put together with a few other farm podcasts I thought you might like to listen to.)

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  1. Way-to-go! Thank you for sharing your passion and helpful tips for seed keeping and managing your farm and crops.

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