What I miss about market

The thing I miss most about selling at farmers market is lining up all the pints and quarts into straight rows of contrasting colours and shapes.

Organizing vegetables this way brings such a deep sense of fulfillment. 

Still we made the decision a few years ago @??fermetournesol to leave market and double down on CSA.

Itís hard to keep straight lines and geometric patterns when you condense 125 people and their kids into a 1-2 hour CSA window.

But itís nice to have your weekends, and itís nice for the veg crew to not be harvesting 10 bunches of this and 10 bunches of that on market harvest morning.†

And I can still find solace in the tidy cells and order of the spreadsheet world.

I must say though that I’m not particularly satisfied with the those slanty signs.

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