Online stores are like potatoes

Leave a potato on the counter and it will sprout.

Bury it in the garden, and it will grow. And you might be surprised how well it does without any additional care.

There are things that you can do to improve your yields – ad compost, scout for potato beetles, pulg a few weeds.

But even if you didnít do those things, you might be impressed by what your simple potato can do.

Setting up an online store is exactly the same.

All you need to do is

1??  Choose an ecommerce platform

2??  Add products – make sure they have names and prices (no pictures or descriptions needed)

3??  Enable a payment service provider (a lot of ecommerce platforms have this already built in)

4??  Share the URL to your clients

Once you do this, you now have the capacity to take online orders.

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Yes; gorgeous pictures, engaging text, and a clever tag line will likely result in more sales.†

But, simply setting up an online farm store with a list of products that people can buy will result in orders.

You can always improve the site down the line. Take some pictures during the growing season. Write a couple descriptions here and there. Choose a different site theme. Once your site is up and running, you can tweak it whenever you want.

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But you know what will increase sales the most?†

Making sure all your clients know you have an online farm store!

If youíve got folks who already love your farm, they will happily buy from your simple online farm.

Driving more traffic to your online store will do much more than spending an eternity designing the perfect shopping experience.

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So leave some potatoes out if you want them to sprout, and throw together the most basic of online stores if you want folks to buy your vegetables online.

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