Farmer Book Club: Sharing The Harvest

This book was not my introduction to CSA.

I first heard about Community Supported Agriculture in a Principles of Ecological Agriculture class in University and then I worked on a few CSA farms.

That gave me an understanding of some of the basics of CSA (especially from a consumer perspective.). But I was mostly viewing CSA through a business lens.

And thatís when Sharing The Harvest came into my life.†

I borrowed the first edition from Alison Hackney (one of the CSA farmers I worked with.) And then I finally understood the underpinnings of the whole CSA model and the CSA movement.

This book is as inspirational as Farms Of Tomorrow Revisited (last weekís book club pick) but I would say that Farms Of Tomorrow Revisited is heavier on the CSA Philosophy and Sharing the Harvest is heavier on the How To.

This book is dense with experience.

Robyn Van En started the first CSA in the US. And Elizabeth Henderson had been making a living for 19 years from CSA when this book was published.

And there are so many farms featured in this book representing so many flavours of CSA. Youíre going to find something that speaks to you.

If you want CSA to be the foundation of your farm, go and find this book!

The  #farmerbookclub isnít a  book club in the traditional sense.

Thereís no book that youíre assigned and expected to come back and discuss. We donít gather in a virtual living room with the beverages of our choice.

Iím simply sharing some farming books that you might want to read. Iíd love to hear what you think of these books. If you do read them, come back some time and post your reflections or send me a DM!!

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