Watching green onions through the winter

These scallions were planted in August 2020.

They spent a winter outdoors under minitunnels (like those on the left of the picture.)

They started flowering in June and we harvested their seed in July and August..

Most seed crops die down after seed harvest, but not these scallions!

These scallions are Allium fistulosum and are perennial if the conditions are right.

Tunnels help make conditions right. But tunnels are also a lot of work.

We’ve had mixed success overwintering scallions outdoors but we decided to try again.

You can’t see it here but the seed team mulched the scallions with straw hoping that it will mitigate some of the cold periods where there is no snow to insulate the plants.

We also gave each plant a kiss and whispered words of encouragement and thanked it for the seed it had already shared with us.

And now we’re waiting for Spring to see how these plants are doing.

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

In August 2021, the seed team also planted some young scallion plants in the minitunnels in the picture. Just in case the bigger plants don’t make it through the winter.

If everybody does well, there might be a lot of scallion seed in our future!

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