Big Bowls Of Garlic Cloves

Anyone else have a big bowl of garlic cloves within easy reach of the cutting board?

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These are mostly leftover Rocambole garlic cloves from when @fermetournesol planted garlic.

Rocamboles have about 10-11 cloves per bulk. We keep the 6-8 biggest Cloves per bulb and put the rest aside.

There was a time when we’d open a furrow and densely plant these extra cloves. In the spring we could harvest bunches of green garlic for market or CSA. Green garlic bunches weren’t a big enough hit with our clients, so we don’t do that anymore.

Instead we have bowls of loose garlic cloves in the kitchen.

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And you know what? These loose garlic cloves have been sitting in my kitchen for 4 months and they are still firm and juicy.

This is the last bowl of cloves – it should last a few more weeks and then we can move on to the garlic braids!

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