FSA Tip #51 Get your last germination date with MAXIFS

Managing Germination Tests is a key part of the Seed Inventory Management spreadsheets for a presentation I’m giving with Reiley (from Snake River Seed Coop) during next week”s Organic Seed Alliance seed conference.

And MAXIFS is a key part in knowing when the last time you germ tested a specific seed lot. 

So this #farmspreadsheettip shows how to use MAXIFS to look up the last date you did something.

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If you want to see the rest of the Seed Inventory Management spreadsheets, come on out to the Seed Conference!

And you’ll get to see Reiley’s Coda based Seed Inventory Management system too!

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There’s a lot more than spreadsheets at the OSA seed conference!

Here’s the spreadsheet for this tip.

Here we go …

Next Online Workshop – Thursday Feb 17

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