The deep satisfaction of good spinach germination

A nice stand of spinach = deep satisfaction

Especially at Tourne-Sol where we struggled with spinach for years.

What did we do to get this great stand of spinach?

I think we pre-soaked it before seeding it with the Jang. But I actually donít really know how we did it.

This is partly because Iím mostly involved with seed production these days.

But itís also because weíve got a big team of amazing folks at Tourne-Sol. And that means that I donít have to know everything thatís going on and things will still run smoothly.

I do know a lot about the Naan sprinkler standing over the bed.

And about the water wheel transplanter in the distance.

And about many other things.

But I probably couldnít get the spinach to germinate this beautifully without a primer from my co-farmers.

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