FSA Tip #52 Sharing/Protecting Farm Google Sheets

Let’s say you have a spreadsheet – maybe itís a crop plan, perhaps itís a harvest log, or it could be some sales records – whatever it is, you want to share it with your farm team so they can use that information to get your job done.

But youíre also afraid of what folks could do in your spreadsheet. Randomly typing in numbers, accidentally erasing formulas, pasting emojis beside each vegetable name, or whatever it is that folks can do when they have access to a spreadsheet.

What do you do???

This #farmspreadsheettip covers 2 things†

  • Sharing Google Sheets
  • Protecting Google Sheets

With these powers in hand, you can safely share your spreadsheets with your farm team!!!

Hereís the spreadsheet for this tip.

Here we go …

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