Farmer Podcast Club: The Collaborative Farming Podcast

This week the #farmerbookclub is going to be the #farmerpodcastclub

A lot of farming is about people working together. And you can do it all kinds of ways. And thatís what this podcast is about.

Jackson Rollett interviews farmers about how they work together, how they support farmers working together, and how farmers work with eaters.

I love all the episodes but as a member of a farm cooperative myself (Tourne-Sol coop Farm) I especially love the episodes that get behind the scenes of collaboratively run businesses.

There are two groups of Collaborative Farming episodes that fit this bill

Episodes that feature farms that are run collaboratively

? Hilary Martin of Diggers Mirth Collective Farm

? Ira Wallace & Mary from Acorn & Southern Exposure

? Jill & Eric of Green Things Farm Collective

? Narendra Varma of Our Table Cooperative

Episodes that feature separate farms that farm on the same land

? The Treehouse Farm Collective

? Chris Bodnar of Close to Home Organics & Glen Valley Organic Farm

Farming with people is not easy. But is it ever rewarding.

These episodes will show you how it can be done!

Iíve collected these episodes on a Spotify playlist but you can find them on other podcast players too!

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