Giving CSA members a green basket and some choices

Sometimes, in October, when we’ve got a lot of vegetables, we give CSA members a big green basket and let them fill it up with what they want from a bunch of bins.

We usually have comparable amounts of each vegetable displayed. We refill the bins as needed. Generally staples like carrots and potatoes are filled up more often than winter radish. But sometimes we’re surprised how popular something can be.

This is a great way to see what folks want when given total choice.

I love seeing the peppers in this picture beside all the roots.

We had probably just stripped all the fruit off the pepper plants in the field in anticipation of some chilly evenings. And we had a lot of peppers to get out the door.

In this kind of setup, if anything completely disappears we can just pull that stack and replace it with something else – maybe more potatoes!

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