Food Garden Life – what else is there?

Hereís a younger Dan and Emily† in the summer of 2005. Tourne-Sol’s first season

We still have that harvest knife though the blade is a little narrower.

We donít really use stirrup hoes much. Collinear hoes have become the dominant hoe on our farm.

That basket has long since been tossed on a burn pile.

And most importantly – that hat.

That hat is still in my farm locker. I keep it around as a backup in case I forget my main hat at home.

Oh yeah, that swampy pathway still gets wet when thereís a lot of rain.

If youíre curious to hear more about how Tourne-Sol has changed over the years you should listen to the latest episode of the Food Garden Life podcast

Emma Biggs and Steven Biggs had me on as a guest to talk about running a farm coop, growing seeds, breeding vegetables, and laughing about spreadsheets. We also talk about the Elec-Truck!

Here’s the episode on my Farmer Podcast Club Spotify playlist.

Or on Apple Podcasts!

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