Farmer Book Club: Cooperative Farming

When I get asked for references on how to run a co-op farm, I point folks to Cooperative Farming, Frameworks For Farming Together by Faith Gilbert.

This is part of the Greenhorns guidebook series. (You can download this book for free from – They have other book there too!)

If you want to know how anyone can run a business with a bunch of other people, go to the section on Governance and then the section on Communication & Conflict.

If you’re wondering about how a co-op can own land, go to the section on Cooperative Farmland Holding.

If you just want a primer on what a co-op is, just read this book!

A note: Tourne-Sol (where I farm) is one of the co-ops featured in this guidebook. This book was published in 2014 – our co-op has changed a bit since then but we still stand by the same principles.

My next free online workshop is on Thursday March 17 at 2pm Eastern

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