Into the heart of Purplish Bekana

Into the heart of Purplish Bekana.

This is my dream of a scrumptious purple tinged version of Tokyo Bekana. 

All the crispness and crunch and refreshing great mouthfeel that comes with Tokyo Bekana + purple at the same time!

To get the initial population I grew a patch of Tokyo Bekana beside a patch of Rainbow Tatsoi. When they went to flowers, the pollinators went to town and there was a little cross pollinating action between the two groups of plants.

Here’s a post about some early selection work.

Iíve been selecting the purple Tokyo Bekanas from this population for 3 years or so.

The colours are definitely appearing. Weíre getting some of the leaf shape too.

But the crispiness and light refreshing flavour arenít quite there yet.

Iím excited to see what this summerís crop brings us!

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