Farmer Book Club: The Wisdom of Plant Heritage: Organic Seed Production and Saving

The Wisdom of Plant Heritage: Organic Seed Production and Saving by Bryan Connolly.

The title of this book precises both Seed PRODUCTION and Seed SAVING. That distinction is what I adore about this book.

Up until I read The Wisdom of Plant Heritage, I was only able to find seed saving information in the seed books I read. Information about cross pollination, and what crops are in what species, and some simple seed cleaning techniques.

That is all vital information if you’re growing to grow seed.

But I was at a point where I was moving from simply saving seed into growing seed for commercial sale. And that evolution came with questions that I couldn’t answer from the seed books I was reading.

And then comes Bryan Connolly’s book.

What I wanted was seed production information:  yields, clear plant spacing, seed borne diseases.

The Wisdom of Plant Heritage had those answers. It also had sections on growing seed on contract and direct marketing seed. And a screen chart for the office clipper. And some hot water treatment information. Plus a bunch of seed saving information.

This dense 100 bunch handbook was originally published by NOFA 2004, it’s now available from Chelseas Green.

Are you making the transition from seed saving to seed production? Or just looking for a really good seed saving book?

Well, you just found it.

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