What do you do with 4 gallon pails?

What would you do with some fine 4 gallon pails like these?

We use these for seed harvest – harvesting tomatoes, peppers, calendula, strawflowers, mouse melons, anything where weíre picking seed crops and putting them in buckets.

We also put cleaned seed in pails like these for storage.

But one thing that does not go in these buckets is CSA crops.

We do NOT harvest CSA cucumbers into these pails. Or CSA peppers. Or CSA anything.

These pails are only for seed crop

Now we do have another set of pails for CSA harvest. And they are just about the same size.†

But they have one big difference.†

The CSA pails are white. The Seed pails are black.

Last year, we made the transition to distinct bucket colours for seed crops vs CSA crops.

And what a good transition it was.

When youíre going to use a lot of bins or buckets, Itís so nice to not have to go scrounging and to have the materials you need on hand.

So thatís what we use these pails for!

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