fsa tip #56 Convert yields into bedfeet (or bedmeter)

Isnít crop planning sweet when you’ve got good yield data?

And it’s extra sweet if that data is in the same units you use for your crop planning. (At the Farmer Spreadsheet Academy, that would be yields in bedfeet or bedmeter.)

But what do you do if you find crop yields in other units?

This is a big challenge when you’re looking for seed yields.††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Here’s a spreadsheet to help you convert yields into bedfeet.

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A word about converting yields.

When you turn other peoples yields into bedfeet, you make a bunch of guesses and interpretations of what you think there growing layouts were and how they compare to yours.

In some cases, this will give you some surprisingly accurate data. (Like if you start with yield per acre or per plant.)

In other times, your data can be amazingly wrong. (Especially with yield per fruit.)

So, maintain a healthy skepticism about yield data and make sure to include safety figures to yourself some crop planning wriggle room.

Here we go …

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