Farmer Book Club: How To Save Your Own Seeds by Seeds

How To Save Your Own Seeds by Seeds Of Diversity Canada

This is a simple 68 page book packed with more seed saving information than you can believe.

Itís actually the 6th edition of this book, and every edition has gotten clearer and better in every way!

One of the additions in recent editions has been making a clear distinction between beginner seed savers and expert seed savers with directions for how each group can use this book

The book also makes a distinction between community seed (seed that you will share within a small network) and commercial seed (which will probably travel to more people and farther from home) with different population size and isolation recommendations for each purpose.

And maybe best of all, are the summary tables for each crop group. (You all know I love a good reference table!)

This is a great book to learn or fine tune the seed saving basics. Just perfect for #seedsavingformarketgrowers!

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