fsa tip #57 How much should you grow for seed?

You can crop plan for seed saving just like you plan for any other crop.

All you need is 

  • the amount you want to harvest
  • and a yield estimate.

Just be careful – seed yields are a bit more variable than crop yields. (Variety also makes a big difference.)

Of course, seed is not perishable like salad mix. So you can grow a lot more than you need and use it over a few years!

Here’s the spreadsheet

Here we go …

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2 thoughts on “fsa tip #57 How much should you grow for seed?

  1. The only thing missing in your tool is plant diversity. Usually home gardeners don’t need to worry about plant diversity if they are careful to choose only the best plants to save seed from; picking all of your seeds from a mediocre specimen will ruin your crop futures. Commercial growers do need to ensure plant diversity, since consistent plant selection can be very difficult, or risk low quality results that will destroy their reputation and business.

    1. You’re right – it’s important to grow enough plants to maintain genetic diversity

      Though, I don’t think that should scare farmers off from starting to save seed from smaller populations so they can get a taste for seed saving!

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