Farmer Book Club: The wild garden seed catalog

It may be just another seed catalog but itís what Iíve been reading page by page this week. And what I read page by page every year when it comes out.

Wild Garden Seed is Karen and Frank Morton and a small crew of dedicated seed people that grow a bunch of seed for their catalog and other seed catalogs.

Iím always excited to see the new Wild Garden originals and discover what new crop species theyíve been playing with,†

And Iím always looking to glean seed growing information and wisdom in the descriptions or sidebars or throwaway comments nestled between the proportions of a lettuce leaf and the celebration of pollinators.

Every year Frank has a couple essays in the catalog.

This year itís about How To Grow Yourself Some Lettuce Seed. If youíre growing head lettuce and/or salad mix lettuce, this essay will show you how simple it is to keep 27 plants to grow yourself some lettuce seed.

This #farmerbookclub post does comes with a warning – if youíve never gone through the Wild Garden Seed catalog before, you might also emerge with a big seed order.

Steel yourself upon entering, or maybe you should just let yourself go!

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