How I isolate seed production block

These are the Tourne-Sol fields.

The 2 magenta rectangles are our 2 main seed production blocks. They are about 1200 feet apart. With a row of trees and a couple of greenhouses and a bunch of cover crops between them.

With this distance between seed blocks, we can grow a variety of the same crop species in each block and not see any cross pollination.

These distances are a lot smaller than what youíd find in seed saving books.

But I stand by them for our farm.

Itís easy for me to feel confident with this because Iíve been saving seed this way and growing it out again for years.† And I can see that the seed is true to type.

Can you limit crossers on your farm to 1200feet isolation distance?

I donít know.

The only way to find out is to do the work.†

Grow the crops. Save the seeds. Grow the seeds. Look at the crops that come from those seeds. And then adjust as needed.

You can do it, itíll be fun!

(You can even log it all in a spreadsheet if youíre so inclined.)

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