A Kale Cover Crop

Last year, there were Kale plants in this spot in the greenhouse.

One thing about a seed crop is that you can never harvest all the seed. Some will shatter and fall to the ground.

These seedlings are from that shattered Kale seed.

If this bed was outside, we would have seen this flush of little Kale in the fall – a mere 2-4 weeks after the kale seed harvest was done.

But these beds were in the greenhouse. And we didnít grow a crop after the Kale so the soil never got wet until this spring.

As the snow melted outside, the moisture seeped into the greenhouse moistening the soil and priming all the Kale seed that had shattered last summer.

And now there is a little Kale cover crop for a few weeks before this bed will be planted to something else.

(in case youíre wondering – the reason we didnít plant anything in the fall greenhouse was that we were using that space to dry down other seed crops on tarps!)

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2 thoughts on “A Kale Cover Crop

  1. I just tipped over a whole shoebox of arugula seed pods all over my patio and a bunch of them rolled into the cracks in the cement which normally flourish with weeds every fall and spring when we get rain. If I end up with a million arugula plants choking out the weeks instead sometime in the fall when it starts raining again, the spill will have been worth it!

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