You’re always selecting when you grow seed

You’re always selecting when you’re growing plants that will eventually bear seed.

From the moment you sow in the nursery – you can be looking at germination and seedling vigour, the colour of the cotyledons and then the first true leaves.

Each of these moments is a chance to influence a population of plants.

We sow 3 seeds per cell for a brassica seed crop. Just about every seed will germinate and then we thin down to 1 seedling per cell.

By the time these seedlings hit the field, we’ve already rogued out 67% of the population.

We also grow at least 30% more seedling cells than our field crop plan needs. This safety factor lets you offset some of the vagaries of growing plants and it gives you another chance to choose our favourite seedlings.

Every generation you save seeds from the plants you’ve selected will nudge the plants in a direction. The more awareness you bring to what you’re selecting for, the more likely you are to wind up somewhere you would like to be.

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