Onions doing their onion thing

These onions overwintered in the cold room.

2 weeks ago, the Tourne-Sol seed team planted the bulbs in bins of potting soil in the seedling nursery so they could break dormancy.

Last week, the team planted the onions into the field greenhouse.

And now the bulbs have broken dormancy and its leafy green growth time.

Down the line they will go to flower, and then to seed,

But for now, its fun to watch full size onions freshly planted in the ground doing their onion thing.

???? ???? ???? ???? ????

I might be off about when we planted these by a week or so – these spring weeks do pass in a blur.

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2 thoughts on “Onions doing their onion thing

  1. J’ai pris la même photo; on dirait des cocos de Pâques en train d’éclore. 🙂

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