The seed growers podcast episode 1 – Adrianna and Joelene of Empowered Flowers

Adrianna Moreno and Joelene Jebbia of Empowered Flowers are the first guests on the Seed Growers Podcast!

They grow certified organic vegetables in Oregon City for farmers markets and a winter CSA. And they also grow a range of seeds on seed contracts for seed companies.

In this episode, Adrianna and Joelene explain how they make seed works amidst their vegetable crops

They talk about how they got started as contract seed growers and why they like this way of selling seeds.

In each episode, I want to make sure you also get some technical seed saving information. So Adrianna and Joelene  talk about how they grow, extract, and dry  ľ acre of cucumbers to harvest 120lbs of cucumber seed. 

We wrap up by talking about how Adrianna and Joelene protect seeds drying in the Greenhouse from the mouse people.


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Thank you to Adrianna and Joelene for being my for being my first podcast guests ever!

Thank you to Farmer Jesse and Jackson Rolett of No-Till Growers, and the podcastís sponsors The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security and The Organic Seed Alliance – Their support is what has made this podcast happen.

And thank you for listening!!!

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