fsa tip #64 Set your $/Hour Harvest Targets

Youíre probably just about to jump into a lot of harvesting on your farm.

This might be a good time to stop a moment and think about your harvest efficiency.

My next few spreadsheets will be about how to evaluate and improve harvest efficiency on your farm.

The starting point is knowing what your harvest targets should be.

And thatís what this spreadsheet is all about!

How to evaluate how much $/hour you and your crew need to harvest to hit your sales targets.

Youíll find that if you already have a defined seasonal harvest schedule, itís simple enough to estimate the total harvest hours for your season.

And then take your annual Sales Goal and calculate your $/hour target!

Here’s the spreadsheet

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Iím also giving a workshop on Thursday May 19 at 2pm called The Basics Of Harvest Efficiency

Itís going to cover

  • The difference between efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • How to set harvest targets that meet your profit goals
  • How to measure your harvest efficiency
  • 7 ways that you can harvest faster
  • What crops are likely to be profitable to harvest and what crops are not

You can register here.

Here we go …

Next Online Workshop – Thursday May 19

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