fsa tip #65 Track your harvest rates

This is spreadsheet #2 in the Harvest Efficiency series.

This sheet gives you a place to record how much you harvested and in how much time.

The spreadsheet turns that into Units / Hour.

Then using your sales prices – that becomes $ / hour!

Now you don’t have to do this for all your harvests.

If you measure your rates a couple of times during the season, you’ll get a pretty good idea how quick you and your team are harvesting.

Here’s the spreadsheet

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Iím also giving a workshop on Thursday May 19 at 2pm called The Basics Of Harvest Efficiency

Itís going to cover

  • The difference between efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • How to set harvest targets that meet your profit goals
  • How to measure your harvest efficiency
  • 7 ways that you can harvest faster
  • What crops are likely to be profitable to harvest and what crops are not

You can register here.

Here we go …

Next Online Workshop – Thursday May 19

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