Harvest efficiency tip #1 bring what you need

Bring what you need to the field.

This is harvest efficiency tip #1.

If youíre bunching carrots – bring bins and the elastics youíll use to bunch them. 

Bring enough bins and enough elastics.

Going back to the barn for more elastics mid way eats up your time and sinks your harvest efficiency.

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If youíre cutting salad greens – make sure you have clean knives for everyone, or your greens harvester, or whatever that thing is you use to cut greens. 

And again make sure you have enough bins.

You might even consider bringing a scale out there to make sure youíve harvested enough.

Heading back to the barn for more bins is time you could be cutting greens.

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In the picture below, Iím heading out to harvest spring radishes for seed.

I wanted 1500 round Raxe radish and 900 French Breakfast radish.

I planned on 300 radishes per bin – I needed 8 bins (5 for the Raxe and 3 for the French Breakfast.)

Harvest is by hand, and we twist the leaves off. So I didnít need anything else.

Or so I thought

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These radishes are coming out of a greenhouse and once the radishes are harvested, the Tourne veg crew comes through and flips the bed into another seeding.

So itís important to not leave any residue to slow them down.

That means packing compost out in bins.

I did not bring any bins for this step of the process.

I had to head back to the barn. Harvest efficiency took a hit.

Note: If these were coming out of the field, I would have just left the radish tops on the ground.

What did you forget to bring to the field on harvest morning?

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