Harvest efficiency tip #2 break your harvest into clear steps.

This is Harvest Efficiency Tip #2!

Here’s what carrot harvests steps might look like:

  1. Broadfork to loosen
  2. Pull carrots
  3. Remove any roots that don’t look the way you think a carrot should look
  4. Remove any obvious bad leaves
  5. Bunch with elastic
  6. Leave bunches in piles of 5
  7. Pack 3 bunches of 5 (15 carrots!) in to a bin  
  8. Off to the wash station!

Having each step defined makes it easier to improve technique, it also makes it easier to teach.

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Now you can batch these steps or you can do them one at a time.

At Tourne-Sol, one person will do step 1 on what we expect to harvest that morning. 

Meanwhile the rest of the crew does steps 2 through 6 on each bunch of carrots.

And then someone comes and does step 7.

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The steps and workflow might be different on your farm. Just make sure you understand what you’re doing so you can do it well!

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