Planting winter radishes for seed

A row of winter radishes in 3” pots.

I spaced these out where I wanted to plant them. 

Then I dug my trowel into the ground and opened a hole. 

I removed the plant + giant solid plug from the pot and placed it in the hole.

I snugged the soil up around the top of the soil plug to keep the top of the root above ground.

And now it’s time to watch them grow.

These radishes were planted in these pots 10 days earlier.

We planted them in pots so that they’d have a chance to break dormancy and put on some green leaves. Any roots that didn’t sprout leaves during that time were not planted into the field.

Starting them in 3” posts also lets them develop nice roots.

A good root mass will help the radishes catch much quicker once they”re planted out in the soil. 

In the last few years we’ve lost a lot of winter radishes during May droughts coupled with record breaking heat waves. These good root masses should give them a better chance to get established.

Once second year winter radishes are established they are pretty resilient plants.

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