Chicory patience and hardiness

Patience and hardiness. Thatís what chicory is all about.

Last fall we planted out a bed of Chicory and covered it with a mini-tunnel to see if that would be enough to get it through the winter.†

(We usually dig up our Chicories and put them in a cold room for the winter – but Iím getting tired of that and have been looking for an easier way.)

In mid April, when we removed the plastic from the tunnel we discovered that only 6 out of 240 plants had survived the winter.

I had a secret hope that some of the plants still had living roots and would emerge.

Over the next couple weeks, a few more plants emerged from the ground. We had 10 survivors now. But that was it.

Here’s one of those survivors

I felt two feelings

Disappointment – 10/240 is not a great survival rate. It didnít feel like this was the secret easy way to overwinter chicory.

Excitement – 10 had survived!!! Maybe these 10 plants were a little hardier than the others. If we save their seed, will their offspring have more winter survival next year?

So we dug up the 10 plants and planted them somewhere else. And we put the empty bed on the list to incorporate and then sow a cover crop.

But with all the other spring things on the ToDo list, weíve not yet incorporated that bed and it has become a mess of weeds and Ö

???? ???? ???? ???? ????

When I passed by that weedy bed yesterday, I felt a third feeling – JOY!

I discovered dozens of chicory had emerged from the ground.4 weeks after I had given up all hope.

And thatís this picture!

Now we need to decide whether to transplant these individuals elsewhere or go in and do a little weeding Ö

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  1. Hi Dan. Great post. I really enjoy hearing about your successes, failures, experiments, etc. with seed growing. I feel a real kinship as I go through many of the same trials on my seed farm too. Keep it up!

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