Harvest efficiency tip #7 work on other farms!

Howís the best way for you to improve your harvest efficiency?

Honestly,  it isnít by reading books, watching videos, or going to conferences.

And it isnít by continually trying to reflect on your own farm. (Even though that is really important.)

The best way to improve your harvest efficiency is by working on farms that run tight harvest crews.

Until youíve done so, it can be hard to imagine how fast folks can harvest.

Once you see what harvest speed can be, you will have a target to aim for.

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Even better, If youíre able to work a couple of seasons on farms with good harvest systems.

Itís in the repetition that you build that muscle memory and internalize all the motions and techniques.

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This is not to say that if you want to harvest more quickly you need to stop farming for a season to go work on another farm. (Though I bet doing this would really improve your harvest game!)

But you might consider finding a way to spend a couple harvest mornings on local farms you admire.

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