fsa tip #68 a simple irrigation log

Here’s an irrigation log where you can keep track of rainfall and how much you’ve irrigated to make sure your crops get enough water.

This is a pretty simple spreadsheet with a couple nifty formulas.

Basically, you set the sheet up for the month and then you print it out and keep track with a pen.

There are two logs in the spreadsheet: one is an example of the log in use, the other is a template for you to use.

This could definitely be a fancier spreadsheet, and maybe I’ll put one together later but simple also works.

Here’s the spreadsheet

Here we go …

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2 thoughts on “fsa tip #68 a simple irrigation log

  1. Hi Dan, that link went to a ‘plan the harvest day’ spreadsheet, not sure if that was meant to be. I’m pretty sure I could mock something up from what you’ve shown. As always another great concept I’ll be looking to implement.

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