The seed growers podcast episode †8 – Liz and Matthew of Muddy Fingers Farm?

Liz Martin and Matthew Glenn farm in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. They grow vegetables for CSA and market and every year they grow a handful of seed crops on contract to seed companies.

In this episode Liz and Matthew talk about how they started saving seeds hoping to improve some crop performance on their farm.

They talk about the juggling act of fitting seed crops in a market garden.

And how they first approached seed companies at the NOFA NY conference even though they had limited experience.

They talk about the differences in profitability between seed crops and vegetables crops and how they still want to grow seed crops.

In the technical section Liz and Matthew talk about growing Pole Bean seed including their trellising systems and on their transplanting and direct seeding trials.

They also talk about saving leek seed for their own farm use and how beautiful leek flowers are.

Through the conversation Liz and Matthew talk about how they overcome the challenge of saving seed in a humid climate.

How they turn their cooler off and add a dehumidifier and use that to dry all their crops before threshing.

And if you stick around after the credits, youíll hear about how they grow some seed crops in tunnels.


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Thank you to Liz and Matthew for being on the podcast!

Thank you to Farmer Jesse and Jackson Rolett of No-Till Growers, and the podcastís sponsors The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security and The Organic Seed Alliance – Their support is what has made this podcast happen.

And thank you for listening!!!

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