The seed growers podcast episode  9 – Robin Tunnicliffe of Sea Bluff Farm

Robin grows vegetables and seeds  in Metchosin, British Columbia. Robin is also one of the co-owners of Saanich Organics – a collective of 3 farmers that run a  veggie box program and seed company.

In this episode Robin talks about how she selects plants from her 10 acre vegetable farm and transplants them to a quarter acre seed plot to produce seed.

Robin talks about her involvement with Saanich Organics and how they’ve hired a seed manager to coordinate seed production and sales for all the member farms. And how the most important factor of growing seed collectively has been supplying seed to the different Saanich Organics farms.

Robin expresses a lot of love for farming conferences as great places to learn, to network, to get excited and to recharge.

And Robin talks about the the BC Eco Seed Coop – a producers cooperative of 20+ farmers who market their seed collectively across British Columbia

In the technical section Robin gets into growing seed for brassica greens -  from tranplansplanting with tough love to harvesting when the plants are greener than you think.

And then Robin goes into growing chard seed and how she’s been selecting an extra cold hardy yet beautiful strain of Fordhook Giant over the last 15 years.

Robin is also co-author of All The Dirt!!!


More about Sea Bluff Farm

Saanich Organics

BC Eco Seed Coop


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Thank you to Robin for being on the podcast!

Thank you to Farmer Jesse and Jackson Rolett of No-Till Growers, and the podcast’s sponsors The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security and The Organic Seed Alliance – Their support is what has made this podcast happen.

And thank you for listening!!!

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