Finding new colours in my Corn Poppies

These corn poppies all started from some seed I got a while back through the Seeds of Diversity Canada member seed exchange.(@seeds_diversity)

When I first grew them out they were all red and pretty similar to one another.

I saved the seed and grew them out again. 1 or 2 pink flowers appeared amidst the 100s of plants I was growing.

For a number of years, I just Ignored the occasional pink flowers and thought they add a little something to the red.

But 4 years ago someone on the seed team noticed a dusky red flower that was pretty stunning.

So I decided to try to get more of those flowers.

That basically means, I harvested the seeds from the dusky flowers separately than the rest. And then I planted them out in a separate patch the next year.

There were more dusky flowers in that next year. I saved the seed from the dusky flowers in that generation and repeated the whole process.

Now we have 3 populations of Corn Poppies. 

One that is still red. 

One that is moving to dusky – about 15% of the way there. 

And one that is a lighter pink.

These pictures are some of the corn poppies from all the populations that caught my attention this week .

???? ???? ???? ???? ????

One other note about emerging diversity.

This generation, I’m starting to also see some plants with smaller flowers than the rest. 

Another population to select!!

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