The complete Seed Growers Podcast season 1 lineup

What inspired you from season 1 of the Seed Growers Podcast?

Here are all the seed growers featured in season 1 of the Seed Growers podcast:

• Adrianna Moreno and Joelene Jebbia of Empowered Flowers

• Marie-Claude Comeau of Ferme La Radicule

• Kristyn Leach of Namu Farm

• Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot of Deep Harvest

• Rowen White of Sierra Seeds

• Helen Skiba of Artemis Flower Farm

• Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed

• Liz Martin and Matthew Glenn of Muddy Fingers Farm

• Robin Tunnicliffe of Sea Bluff Farm and Saanich Organics

• Chris Bolden-Newsome and Owen Taylor of Truelove seeds

If you haven’t listened, and you’re thinking about seed, you should go and check the episodes out on your favourite podcast platform.

There are seed growers in different climates who grow a range of crops at different farming scales. 

Some who run retail seed companies, some who sell on contract to seed companies, and some who

simply grow seed simply for on farm use.

I’m sure you’re going to find someone who inspires you to give seed saving a try!

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Thank you to all these seed growers for being on the podcast!

Thank you to Farmer Jesse and Jackson Rolett of No-Till Growers, and the podcast’s sponsors The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security and The Organic Seed Alliance – Their support is what has made this podcast happen.

And thank you for listening!!!

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