Harvesting green onion seeds

We’ve been harvesting green onion seeds.

These green onions are in the species Allium fistulosum. They overwintered outdoors in mini tunnels under a couple of feet of snow.

We want flowers that have at least 50% mature seed showing

The seed team walks the bed looking at each flower and chooses those with black seeds.

They cut the whole flower stalk near the base of the plant.

Then place the harvested stalks in a bin. Always in the same orientation!!!

Then we place the stalks on a tarp in the greenhouse to keep drying.. Again, in the same orientation!

We scout the planting twice a week to keep harvesting the plants as they mature. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to harvest most of the flowers.

We will wait until all the stalks have dried down in the greenhouse before extracting the seed.

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