Lettuce seed harvest – shaking method

We’re going to shake, shake, shake those lettuce seeds out!

And wiggle our waggles away.

???? ???? ????  ???? ???? ????

We used to mostly pull lettuce plants full of seed and and spread them out on tarps. We’d then let them keep maturing before seed extraction. This is how we manage a lot of seed crops.

But lately our lettuce seed yields haven’t been great with this technique. Not sure if it’s birds eating the seed before we can thresh it, or too much wind, or something else. But I haven’t been happy.

So this year, we’re shaking lettuce seed head’s into bins.

And so far, we’re quite happy.

It’s quite dusty – make sure to wear a mask!

Choose a lettuce plant


After a quick winnow, we got some seed.

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