fsa tip #75 – Highlight when your crops are available in your sales plan

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One of the first steps to start Crop Planning for your farm is to make a sales plan.

You want to set up a table with your crops along the left side and the weeks you’ll be at market or CSA along the top of the table. Then you can plan out how much of each crop you’d like to sell each week.

One thing I added to the Sales Plan sheet in my full Crop Plan framework is orange background colour to indicate what weeks crops are available.

I’m currently reviewing all the formulas in the Crop Plan spreadsheets of my online course and last week I went over the Sales Plan formulas.

Here’s behind the scenes of how I used Conditional Formatting to turn the cells orange to indicate when the crop is available.

  • Use FIND() to look up the week number is a list of available weeks
  • Use IFERROR() to show 0 when the week number is not in that list
  • Use RIGHT() to make sure week numbers with 1 digit show the availability
  • Put the complete formula in Conditional Formatting to turn those cells orange

Note that this is just a few steps in how the Sales Plan links up with the rest of the Crop Plan framework. There’s a lot more to it in my Farm Spreadsheets For All Seasons course

You can download the spreadsheets here.

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